When is the best time to travel? When you are a freelancer. I know it is a cheap joke, but actually sometimes it is possible to match work with passion, when you have a good deal with your employee. I had it once, back in 2014. I was doing all my tasks in advance so I was allowed to plan few days off each month. There was a time when in four months, between July and October, I have visited 6 countries and took around 14 flights to achieve this goal. I didn’t count the mile tough, but it must have been a lot since in one month I Was in Dubai and 3 weeks later in North America.

During this time I have had my little trip to Milan. This was also my first time with couchsurfing. Have you ever tried this? I am really curious about your opinion. I made a decision together with my sister, based on two reasons: good bed without $ and a possibility to see Milan by an Italian guy’s eyes. Was it a good decision? I think so. We have tried the best ice-creams at GROM, we have got to know about a special deal which is “buy a drink in a restaurant and get all you can eat during a night”, we have been driving through industrial streets of Milan with a cabrio car, have drunk cheap drinks with local people and heard a lot of jokes about Italian people from an Italian guy. But when you decide to travel with couchsurfing you need to know one thing, it’s not about a cheap bed, but about getting to know new people. During the whole stay you need to make sure that the second side feels comfortable, which after deeper consideration made me think it actually makes me tired. Not that I don’t like to get to know new people, but holiday is to relax and with new people there is always this feeling that you don’t really know where is the border between good behavior and being selfish.

Milan turned out to be a nice city with a rich cultural heritage. The list of famous people who lived and worked in Milan is long and includes names such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giorgio Armani. Their paintings, sculptures and even designs have left a great impact on the city and local citizens. Italian people have a natural talent to enjoy the best meals while they wear perfectly tailored clothes, but this rule applies in Milan as well as in any other Italian city. However in Milan that cultural influence can be admired also in the most beautiful basilica in Europe – Il Duomo, during a walk along the Castello Sforzesco walls and during shopping in the most famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Milan is visited by about 13.5 million tourists each year, but how many of those do really enjoy its beauty? There is an opinion that the city is vivid only in the centre, around a main square and has nothing to offer just outside the main streets. What I think, is that Milan is underestimated. Let’s not forget its university is one of the most important and largest universities in Europe and therefore, thanks to all the students, there are plenty of good places to hang out. Starting with Trattoria Rossopomodora for dinner, Eataly for food shopping and finishing with good drinks and vibes at one of the pub or coctail bar at Garibaldi.