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Belgium is very famous for their waffles. What’s the best solution to taste them all? Share. Some scientists claim sharing food is prosocial and altruistic behaviors. I really agree with this one but as from my experience in Brussel, sharing was also very helpful to decide where you can get the best waffles in this city. As helpful I mean more economical result, where not only can you save money but also some kilos on weight (I am not on a diet, but maybe some of you are, that is why I decided to mention that 😉 ).

Flagey was our first stop, not planned tough. There is wonderful lake just off the bus stop and I could not help but stop by. Then I have noticed a food market – which I always love to visit and this is how me and my friends tasted our first Belgian Waffle. This is also (in my opinion) the very first and the best picture that served as evidence of what I call ‘Waffle’s Day’. It was very natural as my sister did not predict I wish to take a snap of it. The idea of sharing waffles and tasting as much as we can popped in my head just out there, on Flagey market. Each and every waffle we had after this delicious piece of cake was judged by the first impression, which was impressive.


The second try was the worst and the most expensive, if you even call 2€ a large sum of money, but still quality was below average as waffles were re-heated. The food truck was located just outside Atominium and it made me think that it is due to popular location. There are always tourists so sellers do not need to take care about quality. However for the third choice we have also chosen favored area which was Arcade du Cinquantenaire and the waffle itself was delicious. We made only one mistake, we spoiled it with caramel sauce.

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One plain waffle has around 150 kcal, if we add sugar or other toppings the calorific goes up and can be equal to a meal. Speaking about the meal … Our fourth choice was Waffle Factory that offers lunch options (waffle sandwiches) and waffles with chocolate filling. I went for the first one and it turned out the best. It had chicken,  rucola and goat cheese inside and it smelled and tasted delicious, however there are at least 6 different options where you can pick your favorite ingredients. As for the chocolate one, it did not impress us that much, maybe we were already fed up with sweetness or maybe it was not that good, we never know. The truth is, however, that it is very popular place, during mid-day you have to stand in a queue and the old proverb or advice stands that we should eat only in crowded places.

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The ‘Waffle Day’ continued on Rue Nueve, where we checked out two places. Belgaufra served hot&fresh waffle, the taste was similar to the first one from Flagey. On the other hand, Vitalgaufre offers waffles with strawberries, chunks of chocolate and caramel. Bored by tasting only plain waffles we went for strawberry one and regretted this decision with the first bite. The taste was very artificial and it was not baked enough long so I could still taste the flour.

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Food can sometimes fool us with the way it looks, but the taste is something that matters the most. And concerning this as a the ultimate criterion I must say that the best waffles in Brussels are on Flagey market.