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You will not see the beautiful beach in Kep, the water seems rather dirty, at least on the city side, but you will eat here the best crab in Cambodia! And this is not testified by the big crab monument, placed on the water near the city beach (by the way, the beach is not too big), but by the fact that looking at the city map the most visible point is the crab market.



Crab Market is the most popular place in Kep and frankly speaking the only one worth visiting, although I must admit that the city is developing and I have seen lots of work under construction. I would like to point out here that in Cambodia infrastructure still leaves much to be desired in many places, which makes transport at night difficult.

At the market some people are not in a hurry …

3 M.Góral

… and the other ones are in a rush to collect sea food and sell their goods as soon as possible.

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Of course, there is no shortage of customers, sellers show what “delicacies” they hide in baskets every time you step in. As it happens on every market, it is worth haggling. For a kilogram of crabs and a kilogram of shrimps we have paid about $ 8, and then we were looking for someone who would cook it tasty. We have managed to get it for 3 extra dollars (although it really was not easy!). After settling the price, which was rewarding for both parties, father and son got to work and we were waiting for the effect with the saliva on the tongue 😉

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There is one condition – be there in the morning! At 2 p.m. you may find only shrimps or squid on a stick, like here:

14 M. Góral

15 M. Góral

After the dinner, it is worth going for a walk. Almost in front of the exit from the market there is a street that leads to the landscape park, you can feel a substitute of the jungle, where almost no one will meet you on the road except for monkeys and ticking insects. Humid air causes no sweating. It causes body floading. It’s not sweat anymore, but pure water.  I know, because my sweat did not taste salty : P I did not check it on purpose, “sweat” was going all over my body, even on my eyes or mouth, so there was no way I would not taste it accidentally 😉

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Another possible option is a walk that can be taken along the promenade, but it will not take you longer than 30 minutes.

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Kep is also an ideal starting point for Rabbit Island, but besides that it is not worth staying longer in that city than one night. Having a limited time, I would suggest staying in Kampot, from where you can make a one-day trip to Kep and spend the next day exploring the pepper plantation and Bokor National Park with waterfalls and wildlife, including gibbons and big cats.

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