My aim was to attract your attention with this mouth-watering photo and as you are reading this, I guess it has its impact.

My father used to tell me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Throughout my life I have had days when I ate a lot and days when I was leaving home without breakfast. It all depends on where do you live, how hot is it outside and how far do you work. Let’s say, in my case if the journey to work takes about one hour I am hungry right, when I reach office although I have had breakfast at home. So in some cases I just skip it in the morning and eat at my desk. On other side, if I go to work by bike, which usually takes 40 minutes, I need breakfast to have power to cycle. So as I said, it all depends.

But, Saturday, Sunday and holiday are exception. Breakfast is not only just food, it is celebration, it is occasion to prepare something good or check out a new place. But there is also another reason. Someday I wish to have my own breakfast restaurant and in this case there is nothing better than checking up what other places around the world do right now, what do they serve and how do they do that.

Learn through your taste, learn through your nose and learn through deep observation.

By all this, I do not plan to copy anything, I only ensure myself that my way of thinking is going into right direction. And as this I mean good quality and service is a key to success. That is what I got in “Brunch & Cake” in Barcelona. And I would not have found it, if not very good opinion on TripAdvisor.

Although we had to wait for table for four people around 2 hours, I must really say, it was worth waiting. The menu is short, nevertheless I am sure everyone can find meat or vegeterian meal, tailored to their taste. Scramble eggs, pancakes, bagels and burgers, not to mention Mimosa’s drink and freshly squeezed juices – it is all there and I could not really make up my mind what to order.

It is a kind of place where you definitely have a good time with friends or your date.






P.S. I was so hungry and overwhelmed with the way it all looked, I forgot to take pictures with my camera, so unfrtunatelly all you can see was taken by phone 😉