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The best crabs and shrimps in Cambodia – a short visit in Kep

M.Góral okładka

You will not see the beautiful beach in Kep, the water seems rather dirty, at least on the city side, but you will eat here the best crab in Cambodia! And this is not testified by the big crab monument, placed on the water near the city beach (by the way, the beach is not too big), but by the fact that looking at the city map the most visible point is the crab market.


Cambodian cuisine


From Nom banh chok (Khmer noodles) for breakfast till Char Kroeung Sach Ko (Stir-fried lemongrass beef) or Fish Amok for dinner. The journey through Cambodian food seems to be very long. During my trip through Cambodia I have taken 264 photos concerning food! (more…)

The Cambodian genocide – a visit in Tuol Sleng


Genocide. The word that makes us shivers. The word that expresses pain and suffering, that nobody should ever allow. We think that nowadays “genocide” is an archaic word. BUT IT’S NOT TRUE. History is fickle. We know that. The good and bad come around and go around, and go around again. Like fashion designers re-use the achievements of the ancestors every few years, so “great” politicians renew a “power gens” in their minds, repeating mistakes of the most famous dictators in the world.