Like Fish & Chips in London, raw herring is something you need to try once you are in Amsterdam. The traditional (dutch) way to eat herring is to hold the fish by the tail and dunk it into mouth with the head thrown back. The other way is raw herring served with chopped onion and pickled cucumbers in a hot dog style ban. And this is what I was looking for when I was in the city last time.

Some tourists call it Dutch sushi, I wouldn’t go that far. For me it is just a fish hot dog, very good fish hot dog. In Dutch it is called broodje haring.

Raw herring does not sound good to many tourist, however in all Scandinavian countries and Slavic ones like Poland or Czech Republic, marinated herring is one of the traditional snack ususally served with sauces or as a part of a salad. So if you like broodje haring do not hesitate to look for other variations in other countries!