I heard very often people complaining about British weather. When I lived in England I did not mind the rain as long as I had my umbrella. It made me smile every time I carried it and I believe, the more colorful it is, the better for you. Mine is transparent with pink hearts, kind of the one kids could have at school, but I still love it! I reckon it is the only and the best solution to admire London, regardless the weather. Because who cares about rain when you can eat pizza in Italian restaurant in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral or hide in a vintage public phone?  When you can see the Queen leaving Buckingham Palace or admire the view from London’s Eye. Could rain really spoil it? Before I tell you about the places worth to visit, keep in mind that it is always up to you what do you want to perceive. Traffic jams, people rushing towards underground or tourists everywhere? No, you do not want to see or remember this. What you want to recollect instead is diversity of people, free museums and great parks. Only in US have I seen as many of them in big metropolitan cities as in London.

Places everybody knows are good enough to see during the first visit, adding up a time you can spend in museums and pubs drinking cold Ale, it could give 3 days trip in total. Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square are close to each other, if you start your trip in a park you may continue walking, place after place (well, it is close for me). Then Big Ben and the Parliament are just one metro station from Trafalgar Square. On the other side of the river there is London Eye. And here I need to tell you it is better to book the tickets in advance. I reckon I made it to the top on my fourth visit in this city. But if you decide to wait in a long queue, it is still worth though.  Tower Bridge and famous Tower of London are located in East London, if you decide to take metro I suggest to get off at London Bridge (did you know that it is quite often confused with Tower Bridge?). Just few weeks ago there was a glass corridor opened at the Tower Bridge. Now tourist may enjoy a unique view of the bridge mechanism and road below. I actually cannot wait to do it next time. Notting Hill is very famous but in my opinion worth to visit only in August during Notting Hill Carnival. I do not want to recommend specific restaurants or bars because I usually pop in to the first place I like from outside, then quick check up inside and here we go, I either  like it or not.  But I can definitely tell that I like to hang out in Soho district.

Some of my favorite places like Kensington Gardens and Natural History Museum were mentioned in my latest post. However to make a top 3 there is still one to go and it would definitely be Greenwich. The town is famous for meridian (0° longitude) but in my opinion it has better view over London than Parliament Hill, mostly chosen by tourists.

And you can see all of it during rainy days, because after rain there is always sun!

Do you have any favorite place in London? Please share it in a comment :)