I don’t differ much from any other woman as Paris was on my wish list for quite long. I was thinking to keep it for later, till my love could take me there, but then I have realized it might never happen 😉 So when my Spanish “sister” called me asking do I want to join her for a short trip, I only uttered one word: YES.

At the beginning I want to contradict all the gossips about Parisians – they do speak English and most of the time, the young generation has a good accent. My friend told me also that Parisians know English, but they are too lazy to answer silly questions when you are a tourist. Maybe I was lucky enough to meet only good people … Tell me later what was your experience 😉

University square

Something I really enjoy here are those little restaurants where you can sit down and relax during lunch or evening time. Usually those places are really crowded, but it gives you a glimpse of French lifestyle :)


Chez Prosper was a place we have chosen for evening, there was actually a queue outside, so I reckon this place is really popular. A dessert ‘Macaron aux framboises’ looked yummy, but they were run out of it when we finally were seated :( So sorry, no photo this time.

Chez Prosper Restaurant

I also like crêpe shops, where you can get a variety of thin pancakes with sweet or salty feelings. They are easy to take away, so you might think to get them for a lunch in a park (see Luxemburg Gardens).


Maybe those stands with books and posters on the street are only for tourists, but I still like that idea. 😉

Book stand close to Louvre


At the end I am curious about one thing. I wonder do you think Paris is a city of love? Do not hesitate to explain that in a comment below 😉