Today, on Valentine’s Day, people divide into two groups: happy lovers and haters. But I do not really understand why every ‘single’ thinks it is a day for couples. Do you appreciate your parents? How much do you miss your friends when they are not around for couple of days? Is there any pet waiting for you at home? I believe love has a lot of different meanings and can be shared between many people and things, not particularly those who plan to get married.

Let me show you what real love means.

Your pupil starts to dilate, you are short of breath, your hands are sweating when you reach it and you start to act beyond logic. Your mind is clearly occupied … Doesn’t it sound as a crave for chocolate? Here we go, who doesn’t love it? There is this moment when you put a praline in your mouth and the rest of the world does not matter anymore. It starts to melt and you discover heaven. Some could ask why do we lust it so much? I am not going to write elaboration about theobromine, opioids and other chemicals in chocolate that have impact on our brain.


Chocolate looks good, it smells good and it tastes good.

Oh and the last one – “Chocolate does not ask silly questions, chocolate understands”.

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Where else could you find candy heaven if not in Belgium? During last weekend in Brussels I deepen my affection towards desserts. Belgium is famous for its finest chocolate and by chocolate I do not mean this cheap bars you can get from supermarkets. The real one should contain at least 40% of cocoa but the best are dark ones with 80% and more. Something I really enjoyed in Brussels is that sweets are made in the shopping windows. It is the best marketing anyone can see. Who would not be tempted by hand crafted pralines that scream ‘eat me now’? I was seduced by one particular place. Of course, I kept in mind that after Bergamo I should not trust my eyes (food never tasted that good as it looked), but this time I took a risk again. Aux Merveilleux de Fred stole my heart, especially their meringue with chocolate whipped cream coated with dark chocolate chips. Amazing!

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There is so many good places in Brussels I cannot really describe them all so I give you one advice. If you ever happen to be there, do not hesitate to try, as much as your belly can accommodate. One of the biggest producer is Leonidas but you can also find smaller and very traditional chocolate makers that offer even better quality. I guess the best places to look for are along Rue de l’Etuve (that one which leads to Manneken Pis) and Rue du Marche aux Poulets. In St Huberts Gallery you can find the best (and the cheapest) macaroons which are one of the current ‘sweet’ crazes.

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P.S. I wish HAPPY VALENTINES to those who believe in any kind of love!