I like to believe that we are all responsible for our life and only we can decided how will it look like. After busy week at work I really appreciate little moments with my family and friends outside the big city. Those who know me well, know already I always opt for new options to escape from the town. 😉

There are 3 main mountain ranges in Poland: Carpatian Mountains, Sudets and Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains), where I was brought up. The most known and significant mountains in Poland are the Tatra Mountains which belong to Carpatians. They attract many tourist not only from Poland but from around the world. However this time since my parents were in Krynica Zdrój for holiday I decided to join them for the weekend and walk on Beskids peaks, which also belong to Carpatians. Beskids are the youngest mountains in Poland, the highest peak on polish side would be Babia Góra (1725 m) , while on slovakian side – Howerla (2061 m).

Already on my way I knew I made a good choice. The view was simple yet lovely, the autumn aura only magnifies the beauty of it. It’s been ages since I was in polish mountains and I guess I was happy just to admire the nature. There is something special about mountains that keeps you thinking it’s a right place to be. Not only can you leave all the daily problems behind, but you can spend some time wandering without any specific purpose and let the brain come up with new and fresh ideas.




Jaworzyna which is only1114 m heigh, was a choice for this weekend. I loved it was peaceful and quite, and nice weather allowed us to take nice shoots.


It is said people can be divided into two groups, in this case one group would consist of people who love see and the other of those who prefer mountains. I really wonder which one do you belong to?