I don’t know anyone but Monica (my ‘partner in crime’ for this trip) who wasn’t afraid of me going to Africa for a holiday. But frankly speaking, when I dream about something, nothing can stop me. This ‘black land’ attracted me for a long time. Maybe because of animals which I love or maybe because it was unknown. Flights are long and expensive and my crave for going somewhere far away was 3 times bigger than any fear. Besides I wasn’t afraid of going there. When you travel quite often, you actually get to know quickly that only people who don’t have enough knowledge about some particular places are frighten of going there.  Yes, Africa plays by different rules than Europe, but we learn those rules fast and don’t allow anyone to spoil our perfect holiday, right? 😉 Well, at least this is what I am doing all the time.



First day in Nairobi was adventurous. Lack of roads slows down the traffic, which is even worse when police is involved into guiding. Instead of taking a private bus people actually walk.



Travelling by matatu is easy, providing you know where you’re heading to 😉 And remember –  ‘Customer is the king’ 😉

Matatu ticket


From places worth to see, I would recommend African Market, however it happens only on Saturdays. Our ‘personal sales assistant’ took us around the market and allowed to grab any item, just to bargain at the end. I guess my bargain skills are getting better, as from the original price of $30 my friend was offered small bag for $5.

African Market 1

African Market 3


Uhuru Park, great place for a picnic with friends or family.

Uhuru Park


It was a view from my room, when I slept at my colleague’s house. I am not bluffing. Nairobi is still developing.

View from the room ;)


Children in Africa don’t have easy life.  A government doesn’t provide people with a right for education. In Kenya most people have to find sponsors to attend a good school. However you have to be very careful at donating. Sometimes I feel like people try to force you to give money, you may feel like you didn’t give enough. But try to think do they only wait for your money or do they actually fight on their own with the wrong system.

Those children are from school in slums, school which is donated only by Jennipher, who’s a volunteer, and her friends. We also left some school items and sweets.

Slum's school 3

Slum's school 1

Slum's school 2



At the end I have a funny story for you. Although nothing serious has happened (just few bruises and grazes)  it looked different when my right foot started to slide back down … but wait a minute, let me start from the beginning. 😉 I thought that after India nothing can surprise me but I was so wrong.  On the very first day I made an appointment with my friend in shopping mall. Some of you may already know that I love walking. So I didn’t hesitate and persuaded my friend to walk little bit and see the ‘real Nairobi’. There was a sideawalk and suddenly it was gone! It was at the time my right foot started to slide back down, when the very important question popped out on my head – how deep is this hole I am fallingdown into? Was I scared? I don’t really know. Everything happened so quick and without any notice. I guess training martial arts finally paid me off. I simply pressed my arms on one side of wall and legs on the other side trying to block my body from hitting a bottom of something that looked like 1,7m wide and deep ditch. Unfortunately my left foot dived down something sticky and I really thought it’s septic tank or something but I guess I was born under lucky star. It turned out to be only mud. When I checked if I am fine I started to laugh. Never have I fallen down to anything, neither pathway or road has finished so accidentaly. After I cleaned myself, I took a taxi of course and decided to not walk in Nairobi ever again, even though I really love it.  😉 SO remember once you’re in Nairobi, you better take taxi or matatu 😉