Halloween is mostly celebrated in USA, Canada Ireland and Great Britain. Although some other countries adopted the tradition of celebrating on 31st October I must say it will never be the same. As I have had a chance to travel across Canada recently I came across many Halloween decorations and it looked like people actually paid a huge attention to every detail. Shop windows, front porches and parks, nearly every place was filled with pumpkins, bundles of hay, spiders or skeletons.    I really felt that it’s a part of tradition and on the other hand it supports economy as well 😉

Canada1 M.Góral

Orangish pumpkins look super awesome in a company of different colors in garden so I reckon autumn is the best time to celebrate Halloween. My favourite themed place was The Battlefields Park in Quebec City. There is a display in the Joan of Arc Garden, where all mysterious decorations are related to the history and legends of the city and park itself, such as: the Sabbath, Halloween lives on, the voices of Joan of Arc, the Corriveau, the widow’s walk, the white Credo “1941”, stone phantoms behind bars, etc. The one tale that I kept in my mind is about the white lady of Cape Diamond. I liked it so much that I decided to share it with you :)

Éloïse de Volayne was a very beautiful but despotic tempered orphan, who used to live on top of Cape Diamond. Laughing at her suitors, she declared that she will marry the first man who climbs the cliff on horseback. At that time, two brothers, Jean and Samuel, were madly in love with her so they both decided to take up the challenge. Unfortunately they both failed and fell off from the cliff which discouraged others.

Few years later Éloïse met Henri de Villemontel. A young man showed up once at her mansion willing to pick up the gauntlet, however as the fog prevented any climbing for three days, Éloïse and Henri spent the time together. Charming and distinguished stranger totally stole her heart. Éloïse afraid to lose the loved one, begged Henri to resign from the challenge, however he didn’t want to listen to her and eventually he made it to the top on horseback. When she rushed towards him, he pushed her away. The real name of Henri de Villemontel was Henri de Rochebeaucourt, brother of Jean and Samuel, who decided to avenge them.

With broken heart Éloïse watched Henri’s boat sail away. When she yelled and stretched out her arms, she lost the balance and fell off from the cliff. 


It is said that since that time, the ghost of a woman can be seen in autumn as she comes back to cry over the love she won and lost because of her cruelty and on 1st November at midnight you can hear as she screams when her misty silhouette fades away along the cliff.