You have probably heard many times that point of view depends on your seat. But what if I tell you, point of view depends on the weather?

No matter how much you love to travel and how open you are, weather can really shape your opinion about the city or country and I bet, noone really plan to travel when it rains. But it happens. Global climate change has its impact and weather is the only part of your journey, you cannot really predict in advance. The only thing you can look up is the fact, whether it is winter or summer time. Neither airlines nor hotels would tell you that you should not use their cheap offers because the weather might be bad. More, they know it is not the high season, so that is why you can save a penny. I always check the season type before I take a holiday. But even though it is supposed to be nice, I was surprised many times. So what do you do then? What do you do when it rains? Two options that come to my mind right now are sipping a coffee in a coffee shop (optionally having a meal in restaurants recommended by trip advisor) or sightseeing. I hope you do not want to overweight during your holiday so you go for a long walk around the city. At least that is what I usually choose. Then taking into account you are in a completely strange city, you could probably go to the most visited places. If the weather is unpredictable at least this is what I would do – go to 2-3 places that are well known, then of course relax in a good restaurant (or pub). And this is exactly what happened when I was in Barcelona for the longer weekend in May. I went to Sagrada Familia, but not because it is famous. I actually wanted to see why it is so famous. You know what they say – “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

So I knew all the Wikipedia stuff they tell about like the construction has started in 1882, the towers of the church were completed in 1920 and that 6 years later Gaudi died after the accident with the tram. What reminds about how talented architect he was, is the fact, that 90 years later the church is still under the construction. So that would be everything in terms of numbers. Oh wait, I have one more. There are 10 years left till the centenary of Gaudí’s death, so how do you bet? Will they finish the basilica? The biggest problem for sure are missing projects. It is said they were destroyed during the Spanish civil war by Catalan anarchists.

Although incomplete, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And I must really admit, I was dissapointed the first time I saw it. “I have seen many churches like that”, I thought when I showed up on Carrer de Marina. “Why do people admire it so much? – I asked again. The Milan Cathedral has a similar level of details as Sagrada Familia. The rounded window that is used on Notre Dame in Paris is used here in a repeating sequence. And this dark color was not appealing at all.

I always believe that camera is my third eye, so this was my first impression of Sagrada Familia:

M.Góral 7

M.Góral 8

So, what if I tell you, point of view depends on the weather?

My changed, the next day. When sun placed a nice color over the construction and therefore highlighted every detail, I imagined how much work it required. When you take a time to go side by side, you can see plenty figures that must have been really tough to finish. The most impressed part, however, is on Carrer de Sardenya.


M.Góral 2a

M.Góral 3a

M.Góral 5

M.Góral 4a

M.Góral 9

M.Góral 6a