There are plenty of activities you can take up on Sundays. You can visit your parents for a dinner, cure a hangover after a Saturday’s party or make a one-day visit in Tatry Mountain to look for the spring flowers called crocuses. I picked the third option last week.

I think there’s no need to describe how beautiful crocuses are. Their uniqueness, however, is the fact they are a symbol of life that wakes up in the mountains after winter and thus opens the spring-summer trekking season. Since I plan my trekking journeys always in the monrning, I have witnessed how these beautiful flowers opened up with every sunbeam. In the morning, when we walked towards the mountain’s shelter, it was still quite cold. The temperature, which was around 5 Celsius degrees, did not encourage me to unzip my jacket, so I was not surprised that crocuses were preferring to remain rolled up in their buds. But on the way back they delighted our eyes with their multitude and nice color.

Because of my unhealed foot injury (a souvenir from a return trip from Cambodia), I could only admire the crocuses in Chocholowska Valley. It is a fairly straightforward trail, not requiring a significant uphill climb, which is ideal for me. By the end of March, snow appeared only on the trails to “Rakoń” (through “Grześ”) or the trail to “Trzydniowiański Wierch”. I regret that at the moment I can frankly call myself a “no demanding tourist,” but I also think that taking higher paths should always go in pair with awareness and knowledge about our capabilities. I believe my time to explore these areas will be coming up this year, but later 😉 Meanwhile, I focused on what was the most beautiful in the valley – crocuses. It was nice to pass other people who admired the gift of nature with grace. My colleague witnessed two older ladies walking down the trail whispering “bye bye our little crocuses”, which further highlights the mesmerizing character of these violet plants.

Crocuses are of course under strict protection. This means that they cannot be picked even outside the national park. Unfortunately, many tourists understand this law casually. They do not pick the flowers, but they enter straight into the middle of the meadow to do the best selfie. This view is pretty sad, especially since I made my photos on the trail without destroying even one flower, and I think the effect is just as interesting. I am also glad that I was in Zakopane exactly one week ago. Today (that is exactly a week later) queues of tourists are set before the entrance to the park. And I don’t know about you, but I usually go to the mountain to rest from people.