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Sometimes I ask myself why it takes me so long to write a text. Let’s take Angkor Wat, for example – a complex of temples in Cambodia.

There are several reasons:

– I have taken 1158 photos. Really! First of all, I do not know how is this possible. Secondly, how do you select 20-30 photos from such amount, and what’s more, neatly describe these wonders of human civilization?

– the ruins I have watched were a complex of about 1000 temples. During two days I visited only 20-30 objects that seemed the most important to me, but certainly it would be worth mentioning about each of them. Just how to glue it together in a few sentences, so that the reader (you) will not be bored? I do not know until today, but I hope that I will succeed here.

– the history of this place is a very extensive topic, which is difficult to describe in a few sentences. Before going to Cambodia I did a very big research, during my stay in this country I was discovering more cards, and after returning I read what I could not hear on the spot. Every day “training” absorbed me enough that I did not collect photos or thoughts on the post immediately, and then I simply escaped from the world. The simple rule “What do you have to do tomorrow, do it right now” fits perfectly here.

– when I was in Angkor Wat, exactly 420 days ago, I could not find the beauty of this place in 100%, I had mixed feelings. It happens sometimes, so then I need time to digest all the information. I liked the two temples most: the classic of Angelina Jolie fans, which is Tomb Rider Temple, and the Bajon temple. As for the Angkor itself, the interior reminded me of another building – the interior of the Agra fort in India (Agra is a city where the Taj Mahal is also located). As it turns out, I was not wrong, because Angkor Wat was built in honor of the Hindu deity of Vishnu. My opinion changed for the better one when I came back, when I was looking at the pictures and recalled all the temples visited by me.

Starting from the beginning of my journey through the Angkor complex, I would like to give you some tips based on experience:

– Angkor is best visited by bike, in my case it was 3isch dollars per bike, bike rented for one day (practically every guesthouse has bicycles to borrow).

– if you want to go to sunrise, it’s best seen in Angkor (and at the same time the most crowded, see below), I suggest rickshaw. In my case it was 15-20 dollars (I haggled, the standard price is 25-30) and we decided to look at 5 temples. At 4 o’clock on a bike you can expose yourself to a certain death in the total dark night but also among other cars and rickshaws running towards the sunrise.

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– for tickets, go to a completely different place than the entrance to the complex of temples, because together with my friend we did not quite know where the ticket office is (see: we did not understand) that is why we had to make up about 8 km on the bike more.

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– an additional bicycle tour for tickets was not so bad, along the way I was able to buy some decent snacks at the local booth, specifically something similar to French pastry with a cabbage filling that was deep fried. I do not know what it was, however I liked it J In the complex itself you will easily find a place for dinner, but it is sometimes worth avoiding the touristic character of these places. Also with your own snacks you can make picnic anywhere.

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– hat, bottle of water and glasses – basic set for sightseeing, some temples are even 5-15 km apart.

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I will not write about the temples and their stories, I would prefer that the pictures do the job. So now let’s me invite you to a virtual walk, which I hope will inspire you to visit this place.


P.S. I will only mention that when I saw Angkor Wat,  it reminded me of the computer game I have played in my childhood. One of the levels took place in an old abandoned temple, and I could not come out of the belief that it had to be Angkor Wat with long corridors and many rooms. I do not remember the name of this game, I could not recall it, on the other hand I was not actively looking for it either. That’s all in terms of my memories. I may include one more clue for the sunrise in Angkor Wat. I found myself just in time for the sunrise, in fact it was still dark, and then to the very end I waited with the crowd for the first rays of the sun. Today I would solve this somewhat differently, i.e. from the side of the lake I would wait for the first rays, but then I would immediately go to the end of the temple to see how the light falls on the temple, not behind it. I suspect that the color may vary, which will certainly give an interesting photo effect.


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(known as a Tomb Rider Temple, unfortunately I reached here too late and didn’t have time to contemplate enough as I wanted, there were also tourists everywhere)

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