I like to have everything planned long before the journey. All connections, hotels etc. are booked months before. Mostly because it is cheaper and as I travel a lot and nearly every month it is really important for me to make a good budget 😉 However one thing I did not really predict is that nearly every bus in Germany is late. It cost me a lot of stress (stress is never good and I prize my health over money) to made it safe to Canada and back to Poland. Where shall I start? I missed my connection in Berlin, simply traffic jam was too heavy and the driver did not seem to be bothered about the fact he is already late, why should he be? He was not going anywhere further than ZOB, but we passengers had plans. At least I had a plan to catch my flight in Leipzig and according to my plan I was supposed to have about 2 hours just for myself at the airport. Instead my plans changed like 360 degrees.

And here comes the question: ‘Why did I even think to take a flight to Canada from Germany when living in Poland?’. I do not really know …

Was it easier? Not really.

Adventure? Nope.

Money? Maybe.

Were you stupid when you booked that flight? Bingo!

So yes I have no idea what was I thinking, but booked is booked, late or not, after I missed my connection I had to get to Leipzig airport anyway. I caught a bus to the city (airport was outside), in a meantime I figured out I might be delaying my flight. At this time I really appreciated the fact I live in the world where we all have smart phones with Internet connection (I have never thought I will ever have to admit it actually, it is so not me ;)).  When I was about to give up, I checked all the train connections to the airport and calculated time then actually decided to take taxi. So when I reached Leipzig I already knew where to go and what to do and finally made it safe to the airport. Planning is good but having a plan B is a must. Every time I travel somewhere I feel my know-how goes up, this time I skilled up in solving problems under pressure 😉

Was it all worth that hustle? Totally, because sometimes you have to sacrifice to achieve something.  I can certainly admit Niagara Falls were a no 1 of this trip. When I got to Niagara city I could not believe I made it. I learnt about those falls at geography classes and I guess my teacher could be proud of me. Just to remind the time we all were at school, Niagara Falls consist of three falls and  frankly speaking the view is amazing! This is actually another reason why do I travel, because books will never show you the truth, they can only inspire.


There are four major attractions to do in Niagara: White Water Walk, Niagara’s Fury, Journey behind the Falls and Hornblower Niagara Cruises. I obviously did all of them :)

Starting with White Water Walk I was taken 70 metres down by elevator  to walk along a 73 metres tunnel at the bottom of the Niagara Gorge. The speed of the river here is about 106 km/h while in south part of the Falls is about  40 km/h. There is nothing better than a vacation spent in a place where nature shows its strength. The rapids generated in Niagara Gorge are considered to be the most formidable  and are rated with 6 (on scale 1-6, where 6 is the most dangerous).

Honestly, lying on the beach makes me bored in a long time, so when I was admiring rapid river I already knew that the waterfall must look amazing and the long trip to Canada finally pays off.


M. Góral


f M.Góral

At first we were supposed to watch a movie about history of falls. There was a free bus (price included in a pass) we took between White Water Walk and Niagara’s Fury. The  ticket to the cinema was set for 1pm but on the way I saw Niagara Falls from distance and could not force myself to continue the journey by bus. The falls looked so mesmerizing I forgot about time. I guess happy people do not count time and that is how I felt at that time. Everything looked unbelievable, I had to pinch myself, who knows maybe it could be a dream 😉 The movie itself was great, the director recorded it in a way it gave impression you are aboard a ship on the river and cruise with a speed of 106 km/h.

The Niagara Falls actually consist of three waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls  (on Canadian side), the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls (American side). Each of the them offers a different perspective, it’s up to you whether you see falls from the bridge, the Goat Island between Canada and US or Table Rock Welcome Centre. But I guess the best view is from the ‘bottom’ and this can be achieved either by The Journey behind the Falls or cruise on the ship which offers a completely diverse experience. It is amazing how the water goes down with high speed. It is said that in summer it is 154 million litres per minute. When you see it from the side, you can get the offbeat impression you are a part of it. There is a natural mist which turns into a rain so you have to wear a raincoat and I liked the idea that in every place you get the different color. Pink one was the best, wasn’t it? 😉






The mist, rain and sound of the water gave me unforgettable memories and to finish with something nice I post pictures of Niagara at night.