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Breaks are good. Really … :)

Whether it’s a city break, break from work, breaking bad habbits, break up or break from life (don’t accustom it with running from your life).

Frankly speaking I had a break with my passion and I feel good with it. It’s time to admit this, I really wasn’t in a mood of writing. Since October I visited 3 countries but I lost somehow the story that lied behind those trips, I lost the energy to make a shape of every post related to the visited places. I didn’t feel like I could write something good, not even excellent, good would be enough. And I know why.

I didn’t go to Thailand, Netherlands and Ukraine to explore but to relax. Yes, you may say here, that traveling is all about relax and I totally agree. But this is only one part, the more crucial is to explore.

When you explore, the story comes along, on its own.

When you explore, your brain works faster and  thoughts are poping up one after another.

When you explore, you shape your own opinion.

When you explore, you are a truly traveler.

But when you explore, your mind has to stay fresh and open all the time.


So I asked myself – was it me that needed a break or was it my brain that needed a break?



What is this post all about, you may ask … Using words from one of the song of Sia (one of my favorite singers) I wish to say “I’m still breathing … I’m still breathing …” 

That means I’m back.

I’m back to travel.

I’m back to discover.

I’m back to find.

I’m back to write.

I’m back to travel the same way I used to do.

The break for blog is over and it needed crucial steps from myself. It wasn’t easy, trust me. But when you see that work eats every minute of your life you need to take a stand. And I needed to take a stand because my mind was overloaded with information that blocked me from writing. My brain was overloaded with information that I didn’t really need.


So four days after I decided to take up new opportunities I was sitting in a plane to Amsterdam and this post is to tell you that if you decided to take a city break, there are 3 obligatory things you need to do in Amsterdam:

1) You need to try french fries with a cheese sauce. It’s actually a belgian delicacy but  once you try, you will not resist anymore. There’s plenty of good places, but all of my friends have voted for “Manneken Pis” situated at Damrak Street, which leads to the main station.

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2) Finding a good&cheap accommodation is like winning a lottery. I reckon I win a ticket. A ticket to sleep on a boat :)


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I know what you think.  Sounds weird, right? But any hotel I have ever been to wasn’t such amazing as this boat. It seems little claustrophobic. But we had a place to sleep, hot water, lot’s of games to play and wonderful breakfast (included) waiting for us right when we get up. All ready to eat. Not to mention the view over the Amsterdam’s Canal.


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So tell me know, have you changed your mind already? Does sleeping on a boat is still weird? If you feel like you wanna try this on your own you may book your cabin on Christina boat here


3) Eating, sleeping – ok, we have covered half of human’s needs. What about drinking? Cold beer is never a bad idea. I don’t hear any objection so let me introduce “Brouwerij ‘t IJ” – a brewery and windmill in one (link


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As the whole post was about break, any kind of break and we already have beautiful spring in Europe I encourage you to take a spring break (if you have, few days off are also counting) and visit Amsterdam as a short city break 😉 Have a nice weekend!