Masala on board

Phnom Penh – capital city of Cambodia


I leave my hotel early in the morning, there are many rickshaw’s drivers at the main entrance asking “Where are you going?”. But I am not interested in their offer, I know they are not playing fair game and will ask too much money. Following my instinct, I choose who will be my driver today. I go across the street and ask:



The Cambodian genocide – a visit in Tuol Sleng


Genocide. The word that makes us shivers. The word that expresses pain and suffering, that nobody should ever allow. We think that nowadays “genocide” is an archaic word. BUT IT’S NOT TRUE. History is fickle. We know that. The good and bad come around and go around, and go around again. Like fashion designers re-use the achievements of the ancestors every few years, so “great” politicians renew a “power gens” in their minds, repeating mistakes of the most famous dictators in the world.


My first thoughts of Cambodia


There’s nothing better in the mind of adventure’s seeker than a thought, that it’s high time for a next vacation. Calculating data from all of my journeys, I have discovered that optimally I ought to travel every three months. By that, I obviously mean, having a longer holiday rather than a weekend trip. Having that in mind, I have spontaneously decided to join my friend, who was about to stay in Cambodia for 3 weeks in January. (more…)